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RR&Carin Jora| 从展厅到办公空间 卡琳乔拉艺术美学仍在继续

2023.07.12 融润展柜

整合营销之父 —— 唐·舒尔茨

“ 强调品牌不但能够向顾客传递最好的价值主张,同时可以为企业、品牌所有者以及股东创造最好的经济价值。”

—— 唐·舒尔茨先生

" Emphasize that brand can not only convey the best value proposition to customers, but also create the best economic value for enterprises, brand owners and shareholders."

—— Mr. Don Schultz


If people and space are regarded as important carriers of brand value, on different brand contacts, different stories of space and people are staged all the time...


As the company's exhibition hall and office space, the Karin Jolla Art Museum continues between different spaces and characters about Karin Jolla's luxury aesthetics and inspiration. In this issue, we will continue to tell new stories in other spaces of Karin Jola.

卡琳乔拉办公空间融润设计团队依然围绕Carin Jora卡琳乔拉独特的风格故事 ——以“简约不等于简单”的设计体现企业人文关怀。

Carin Jora's office space Rongrun design team still revolves around Carin Jora's unique style story - the design of "simplicity does not mean simplicity" reflects the humanistic care of the enterprise.


round shape design



In terms of the functional planning of the space, we proceeded from the company's personnel structure and the purpose of multi-functional interaction, and made a round-shaped design for the overall space, which is divided into two major sections: external and internal. The reasonable utilization of space ensures sufficient light in the space.


Starting from the image hall, the exhibition hall and office area are divided into two. The multi-functional area is integrated into the office area, manager's room, financial room, president's office, meeting room, bedroom, and multi-functional dining area, audio-visual room, product live broadcast room, comprehensive meeting room, etc.


01 Staff office area


The natural lighting conditions in the internal staff office area are very remarkable. The designer planned 2 areas according to actual usage needs. The integrated management of the storage system allows the office space to ensure a clean, simple and comfortable office atmosphere on the premise of human touch.


02 President's Office


The president's office is designed next to the financial office. The space layout, color matching and soft furnishings mainly highlight its capable, steady, high-end and elegant image and temperament; the president's office not only has good lighting and good feng shui, but also has a reasonable layout and smooth movement. Lines, elegant artistic atmosphere, and a comfortable space, combine the atmosphere of the dark and light fields and the stable pattern of the space in one go, meeting the multiple needs of office, meeting, reception, and negotiation.


03 meeting room


The overall elegant color of the meeting room, stylish and concise office desks and chairs create a minimalist aesthetic style of the space. The decorative painting on the background wall is endowed with the meaning of unity, cooperation and win-win, highlighting the corporate culture and showing the artistic conception.


04 suite space


The more simple the shape, the longer it lasts, and the collision of minimalism and luxury sublimates another high-end living quality; the expression of the suite space style continues to consolidate the luxury aesthetic concept that Rongrun has always been, reducing complexity to simplicity, and interpreting the essence of living space with style Inner extreme.


05Reception restaurant


Looking at the entire guest restaurant, there is a warm and comfortable feeling, but also elegant and fashionable. The luxurious tea cabinet makes the space present a light and luxurious aesthetic feeling, bringing unexpected effects. The design of the wine cabinet combines function, practicality and beauty, showing the richness and artistic sense of the space. It satisfies people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment with concise forms of expression.


06 Audio-visual room

“私人影音室”不仅是一个会客厅、一个电影院、一个音乐厅、一个卡拉OK包房、一个书画间、一个迪厅Hi房、一个游戏室、一个办公室,更是团队团聚在一起制造快乐的生产线。深色系的家庭影院简约而又奢华,可以容纳 30 个人同时观影。在选材方面充分考量了声学和美学需要,舒适惬意。

"Private audio-visual room" is not only a meeting room, a cinema, a concert hall, a karaoke private room, a calligraphy and painting room, a disco Hi room, a game room, and an office, but also a place where the team gathers together to create happiness. production line. The dark-colored home theater is simple and luxurious, and can accommodate 30 people to watch movies at the same time. In terms of material selection, the needs of acoustics and aesthetics have been fully considered, making it comfortable and comfortable.


07 live room


The design of the live broadcast room still continues the simple and not simple design. The white space design makes the live broadcast room wider, allowing you to talk comfortably, and the creative chandelier has the effect of creating a relaxing atmosphere. The products in the live broadcast room are arranged neatly and conveniently for use during live broadcast.


08meeting room


The comprehensive conference room is the window for the company to communicate internally and externally. The design of this type of conference space is mainly calm and atmospheric, equipped with soft and elegant sofas, customized high-end carpets, and minimalist, light and luxurious decorative cabinet design. It can not only demonstrate the culture and strength of the enterprise, but also enhance the cooperation confidence of customers.

RR&Carin Jora的合作,看似一个空间艺术馆的诞生,但其实也是Carin Jora卡琳乔拉品牌感知的变化。

The cooperation between RR and Carin Jora seems to be the birth of a space art museum, but it is actually a change in the brand perception of Carin Jora.

而这种变化的感知不单单只发生与员工与工作的环节中,更发生在经由员工而传递出去的每一个品牌触点。以RR&Carin Jora为一个新的起点,我们期待看到未来不久,Carin Jora卡琳乔拉更多的奢侈美学与灵感畅想........

The perception of this change not only occurs in the link between employees and work, but also occurs in every brand touch point transmitted by employees. Taking RR&Carin Jora as a new starting point, we look forward to seeing more luxury aesthetics and inspiration from Carin Jora in the near future......


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