米兰设计周装置艺术 “共振”

2019.08.12 融润展柜

2019年米兰设计周,Cheil Worldwide和VAVE Studio为三星企业设计中心创造了装置艺术 “共振(Resonance)”。 

Cheil Worldwide and VAVE Studio create the “Resonance” Installation for Samsung Corporate Design Centre at Milan Design Week 2019. 

▼空间概览,project overview ©VAVE

设计始于对人的理解,并在它融入我们日常生活时开始真正闪光。 当不同感官合而为一,感官的交融在心中产生关联, 我们称这种现象为“共振(Resonance)”。2019年4月,三星设计中心将在米兰设计周上展出由Cheil Worldwide和VAVE Studio策划和设计的展览“共振”。它展示了三星设计的思虑,定义了什么样的体验和心动瞬间更能给予并丰富我们的生活。在交互式的产品和服务已融入日常生活的时代,我们用感官拥抱生活。人与技术之间的相互作用正在改变我们观看,聆听和感受的方式。 

Design starts with understanding people and begins to truly shine when it becomes a part of our daily lives. When experiences acquired through different senses come together as one, they powerfully resonate within each other’s hearts. We call this phenomenon ‘Resonance’. In April 2019, Samsung Design Centre will present the ‘Resonance’ exhibition at Milan Design Week, curated and designed by Cheil Worldwide and Vave Studio. It will showcase Samsung Design’s deliberations on defining which experiences and heartfelt moments are instilled to further enrich our lives. In an age where the mutual-interactions between products and services have become the norm of everyday, we embrace life with all our senses. Interactions between people and technology are changing the way we see, hear and feel. 


▼展场外观,exhibition venue exterior view ©VAVE


Visitors will first discover a maze-like space filled with beautiful lights and through natural interaction with the exhibition based on daily behaviours, such as breathing, talking, and touching – users ultimately become part of the exhibition. The various interactive experiences that immerse visitors will become keys to new possibilities that transform the world around them. An immersive world which allows people to experience technology as an integral part of their lives. 


▼展览平面图,plan ©VAVE

在入口处,内部庭院窗户色彩斑斓的反射光非常的夺人眼球,激发起参观者对展览的期待和遐想。 发光的休闲椅诚邀观者在光彩中徘徊片刻。旅程始于引人注意的淡雅色调,鼓励您在“共振”世界中寻找自己。将大家聚集在一起,参观者将探索五种共振体验;在对象,技术和自身之间创建对话。这些装置鼓励观者在灵魂深处与环境产生共鸣。


At the entrance iridescent reflections in the windows of the inner courtyard will grab your attention and tease your imagination in anticipation of the exhibition. Illuminated lounge chairs invite you to linger for a moment in the glow. The journey begins with a mirage of dazzling pastel shades that will lure you to find yourself in the world of RESONANCE. Visitors can discover five resonating experiences that are designed to bring people together; creating a dialogue between objects, technology and themselves. The installations encourage resonances with the atmosphere and the user´s Inner Soul. 


▼内部庭院,the inner courtyard ©VAVE


▼展览入口,entrance ©VAVE 


第一个展览“蒲公英(Dandelion)”与呼吸产生共振,激发参观者的自我意识。 球体会随着参观者呼吸产生的微妙节奏而扩张和收缩。

The first exhibit “Dandelion” resonates with breath and fosters self-awareness. Expanding spheres dilate and contract to the delicate rhythm of the user breathing in and out.

第二部分展项“旋风(Whirlwind)”是内心声音的呼应。 彩色弹力绳随着观者发声的不同频率而产生振动。

The exhibit “Whirlwind” responds to your inner voice. Coloured elastic ropes can be made to vibrate by the various frequencies of your speech and voice.


“Aloft”, the third section, further resonates with the presence of the audience. Thousands of particles react to each and every touch. The white balls are elevated by air ventilation and float and glide in the slipstream of the visitor.

旅程的下一站,“涟漪(Ripple)”,是一个迷人的水面装置。 在一个无限反射的隧道中,由实体层和投影层共同创造出来的两层水面涟漪,会一起随着参观者的到来而产生反应与共振。与之相伴的还有持续循环的回音。

The journey then morphs into a fascinating water installation, “Ripple”. Inside an infinity tunnel, two water surfaces react to your presence with physical water and digital light resonation, accompanied by a torrent of continuous sound.

展览体验的最后一站“棱镜(Prism)”,是一个沉浸式的环境体验。 大圆镜面将参观者的彩色光影反射到墙面上。当参观者将自己置于光锥中时,便会在墙面上找到共鸣的引语。

The final experience of the exhibition, “Prism”, is designed as an immersive environment. Large round mirror surfaces reflect the coloured light shadows of the visitors onto the wall. Those who place themselves in the cone of light will find resonating quotations on the surfaces of the wall.

“共振”承载了众多与实物交互体验的延展,使它成为独一无二的展览。它大胆地,从本质上体现了“共振”,同时展示了三星如何通过连接技术与人而影响了人们的日常生活。展览志在呈现出在未来会引起人深刻的共鸣的那些体验。鼓起勇气, 与灵魂共振(Be bold. Resonate with Soul)。

Due to its extensive scope for interaction with analogue exhibits, this exhibition is truly unique.  It demonstrates ‘Resonance’ in a bold and essential way and represents how Samsung has influenced everyday life by connecting people with technology. It´s all about experiences that in the future will become sources of profound resonance. Be bold. Resonate with Soul.


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